After Sales Service

Please use the form below to submit your after sale service request. The repair and warranty process:

  • You submit an after sales support request.
  • Our after sales support specialist will contact you to confirm warranty period and other information. You will then be provided an after sales process ID and a pickup date and time will be confirmed to you whereby our team will collect the product to send for repair. You may also choose to deliver the product yourself to our technical office.
  • We dispatch the product to the authorized service center for diagnostic and repair.
  • Repairs that fall within the product warranty will be entirely covered. If the product has been misused or warranty has expired, then the product repair will be at the customer’s expense.
  • Once repaired, we will schedule a delivery to you within 10 days of receiving the product back from the authorized service center. You can also order for expedited shipping back for a fee of Rs 300.
  • Note that warranty is not offered by (Represented by Tidal Waves Ltd). Warranty is offered (when applicable) by the product brand’s official and authorized repair/service center in Mauritius. The name of the agency providing the warranty period will be communicated to you.

Drop off and pick up of your defective product at our technical office in MokaPick up and delivery at your home or office by our logistic department. A service fee varying between Rs 250 to Rs 1000 will apply depending on the product size and distance to collect.