Cancellation, Returns & Refund Policy

How to Cancel Your Order

Decided to cancel your purchase? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. You can cancel your order within three hours of your purchase. To do so, give us a call at 52583646.

  2. When calling to cancel, you’ll need to provide us with your Order Confirmation Number so we can process your cancellation.

  3. If you successfully cancel, we’ll aim to reverse the payment back to your bank card. But please be aware that we do charge a cancellation fee of 5% to 10% on the purchase amount, depending on the mode of payment you used to pay.

Remember, once an item is sold, it can’t be exchanged or refunded, so make sure to cancel within the three-hour window if you change your mind.

Returning or Refunding Your Order

At Astria Porta Ltd, we may consider returns on delivery under certain conditions:

  1. The product delivered isn’t what you expected.
  2. You notice the product is damaged when it’s delivered.
  3. The product fails at first try, when tested within 24 hours following delivery.
  4. The product delivered doesn’t match the one you ordered.

If any of these situations occur:

  1. Do not accept the delivery. Instead, give the product back to our delivery person right away.

  2. We’ll arrange for a second delivery if the product is in stock. This should happen within five business days at most.

  3. If you notice a defect in the product after it’s been delivered, let us know as soon as you can by calling us on 52583646. We will ask you for photos so that we can send to the product supplier and request an exchange. Note that depending on process load, an exchange can take up to 4 business days.

Dealing with Defective Products

Noticed a defect? Here’s what to do:

  1. Bring the defective product to our returns collection office. You can find us at Conidae House, Anse Courtois, Pailles. Make sure to bring your valid Warranty Certificate.

  2. Don’t try to modify or tamper with the product. If we find any signs of tampering, we won’t be able to accept the return.

  3. When you return the product, you’ll also need to show us your Sales Invoice, Transaction Receipt, and a form of identification, such as a National ID or Passport.

Note: We’ll only consider returns based on the warranty conditions attached to the product.